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Great Images Start With Great Glass

In development for years, ExoLens started with the idea that great photography tools start with great materials. Only the highest grade optical glass is meticulously ground and shaped until perfect. Machined aluminum housings are milled to the thousandth and assembled with surgical precision. All of this leads to some of the best images you will ever see with an iPhone.

exo Slim

Telephoto 3x Lens

A great telephoto lens is essential for any photographer. Perfect for crisp distant images or compelling portraits, this 3x telephoto lens is quickly going to be one of your favourites.

Ideal for: Zoom photography, Portrait photography

Power: 3x zoom

Measurements: 37mm x 24mm / 40 grams

exo Slim
exo Slim
exo Slim

Zoom 3x the standard iPhone lens

Pixel perfect portraits

Sharper subjects

Telephoto Lens Comparison

In addition to full pixel zoom, the telephoto lens allows the iPhone to auto-adjust exposure correctly, making the subject appear bright and colourful.

The standard image is dark, underexposed, and the subject lost.

exo Slim
exo Slim

Standard iPhone (without)

With 3x Telephoto

These photos were taken by the same iPhone 6, seconds apart, with no post processing (unedited, no filters).

exo Slim

165° Wide-Angle Lens

Designed to drastically widen the amount of detail and light you can get into a single image. Immerse yourself into an image by capturing the world the way the human eye sees it, in crystal-clear wide angle.

Ideal for: Travel or general photography, video, low light, time-lapse, selfies

Power: 165°

Measurements: 37mm x 16mm | 30 grams

exo Slim
exo Slim
exo Slim

The wide-angle lens sees the world with the same field of view as the human eye, creating more immersive images

Experiment with unique points of view

Add context to your images by filling the edges of the frame